Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Window Snowflakes

Written by our guest writer: Devon Searle

As I was sitting in my car last night waiting for my husband to come out, I noticed how cute this stores windows looked. They had these huge white snowflakes on them and it make the windows looks so festive. It got me thinking "hey I want to do that to my windows". So this morning, I got out my Silhouette machine and got to work.  I searched in the Silhouette store under "snowflakes" and got tons of results.  I wanted just a simple snowflake and I found one that I liked titled "snowflakes". It came in a set of 3 different types of snowflakes.

I only loved one of the three snowflakes shaped for my windows so once I had the shape on my page, I highlighted it and un-grouped the set. Once this was done, I was able to delete the other two shapes.  From here, I sized the snowflake to the size I wanted, and duplicated it 3 times to fill up the page.

If I was feeling really festive, I would have made a bunch of huge snow flakes to put on all of my windows but, I just wanted to put them on the windows by my door.  You could also use Silhouettes frosted vinyl for a more sheer look (like how we did for the ghosts on Halloween), but I wanted white.

After I had them all cut out, I ran down stairs and put them on the window!  This whole project only took me a few minutes and it turned out adorable. So if you're looking for a quick way to decorate your house this season- this is it!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for under $2.00

Today we have a guest contributor:  Devon Searle.  Thanks for sharing your crafting ideas, Devon!  We love them. Simple, cute, easy, affordable, and perfect for this season.

Hello!  Well, with Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to find some fast and inexpensive gifts that I could make to give to friends and neighbors.  So I pull out my trusty Silhouette machine and got  to work.

The first project cost me about $0.50 for the tile and $0.50 for the Three Wise Men Silhouette download.

They have a few different wise men images to choose from, and some even have sayings that go with them. I chose to cut out my own saying. All you have to do is pick the size tile that you want from your local hardware store and then cut and stick your vinyl on.  It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish to make these beautiful tiles.

My next quick gift is a custom ornament.  For this gift, you could put your neighbors last name, initials, any holiday shape, etc... the possibilities are endless. I choose to put "I am a Child of God" because I am making these ornaments for some young children at church. I got the saying from the Silhouette store by searching for: "I am a child of God". Depending on how big your ornament is will determine how big you want to make your saying. My saying turned out to be 2"x4.5".

To make the ornament, simply size your letters to fit the size of the ornament (I cut the shape out with paper first to see how the size looked. This way, I am not using the more expensive vinyl on something that might be too big or small.). Next, cut the shape out and peel off the excess vinyl.

  I choose to add transfer tape on top for ease of application.

 Then I placed it on the ornament.

Then I peeled off the transfer tape and I was done!

Once again, it only took me a few minutes to create this simple and fun gift. I found these clear, plastic ornaments at Walmart for $0.88 and the saying only cost me $0.50.  So for under $2.00 you could make these adorable gifts and people will never guess how little you spent making them! Happy gifting!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wedding Drink Table: Pucker Up!

Ahhh...weddings.  Everyone knows that with the advent of Pinterest all of our minds are constantly filled with images and ideas of fanciful and delightful decorations and ideas for weddings--everything from how to do our hair (up-do, or down?), apply our make-up, venues, and especially DIY decoration ideas. :)  (Or perhaps this is just me, what with my about one billion friends getting married these days, inundating their Pinterest boards with wedding ideas.)  But I love it.  Rather than miss the boat....;) I thought I'd share a few cute things that we did recently for my former roommate's wedding.  Specifically, I want to showcase one of the fun uses we had for our Silhouette Chipboard.  I know that it is the holidays, but who doesn't get to planning their wedding ideas months early?  So here it is.  Pucker up, love birds!

"Pucker up" swag/banner on lemonade drink stand for a wedding drinks' table

Items needed for banner/swag:
Silhouette Chipboard
Jute or ribbon
Hot glue gun
Silhouette Double-sided adhesive (optional)
Glitter (optional) (we have a variety of colors)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Download Giftcard Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kim Aldrich, the winner of the $10 Silhouette Download Card Giveaway!  And thanks to all who commented, liked, shared, and in any way participated.  We appreciate you all.

We plan to do more, and varied, giveaways in the future (because who doesn't like getting scrapbook and craft items for free?), and hope that you'll continue to share your thoughts with us!  Kim shared that she particularly liked our Mod Podge Coasters post, and that she plans on making some as gifts for her neighbors this holiday season!  How great.  Hope they turn out cute!  (We're betting they will.)

In other news, it's Wednesday!  Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Thankful Tree :)

So... have you ever had one of those times where you think you come up with a good idea and can't wait to share it, only to find out it's been done before?  And in my case, not just once before--it's like all over pinterest and the web? haha.  Such was my case with this "Thankful Tree" or branch.  I thought it'd be cute to cut out some fall leaves with my Silhouette, have my roommates and I write things that we were thankful for on them, hang them in falling chains or something in front of a window, etc.  Then I got the idea that it's be cute to hang them like ornaments from an empty tree branch--almost like those last leaves hanging on at the end of fall.  I'd put the branch in a tall vase and...well...you get the idea.  You've probably seen something like it on Pinterest. :)  I got this idea, went online to look for some fall leaves, and found out that I wasn't the only one with this idea. haha.  Oh well.  I still like it, and am glad that I'm obviously not the only one.  Apparently my ideas are all the rage before I even know I have them.  Beat that. ;)

So, here's my take on the "Thankful Tree," or branch.

Items needed:
* One tall, branching...branch :).  You can use a real branch pruned from your yard, or purchase one from the floral section at your local craft store so that you can reuse it. I got mine for $4.79 using the 40% off coupon code at Hobby Lobby.
* Fall colored papers (preferably two-sided)
* Christmas ornament hooks 
* Cricut or Silhouette Hook Tool to serve as a small hole punch.
* One tall vase (also got this at Hobby Lobby in their home accents section for 1/2 off, so it was only $3.99!  What a steal for such a great vase!)
* Small rocks or pebbles, etc., to weigh down vase.  Can get them from the yard; I got a bag from the dollar store for, you guessed it, $1.
* Jute, twine or ribbon (optional)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Silhouette Download Card Giveaway

Well friends, it's that time of year when we really sit down and focus on celebrating what we're grateful for.  I know that one thing we at Makeitscrappin' are grateful for is you and your patronage and interest in what we do.  So thank you. :)

One thing we are interested in are your opinions!  We want to hear more of them! So, as a thanks for those of you willing to share, we are going to do a simple giveaway of  $10 Silhouette Download Card, that you can use to purchase images from the Silhouette Online Store to use with your Silhouette. (To our readers who don't have or use a Silhouette, don't worry!  Our next giveaway in a few weeks will be something that can be enjoyed and used by all--so check back!)

Here are two ways to enter:  

1.  Simply leave a comment on one of your favorite posts on this blog, telling us what you liked about it (e.g., easy to do, super cute to look at ;), helpful notes, fun product you want to try, etc.)  Or, leave a comment on this post telling us what you like about Make It Scrappin' and what type of projects you'd enjoy seeing more of.
2.  Comment on, or share one of our Facebook posts (Make It Scrappin', on Facebook), commenting about .

Note:  If you do both, you get entered twice!

That's it.  We will take entries up until 11:59 PM Pacific Time Zone (USA) on Tuesday, November 19th.  The winner will be selected at random and posted the next day.  :)

One more thing: Check back on Wednesday the 20th to see if you won.  We'll post the winner on this blog and will then be in contact with you so we can send this lovely lil', handy dandy gift card straight to you!  :)

Keep on being spectacular!
--The Make It Scrappin' Team

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silhouette Studio Designin'

One thing that I love about Silhouette Studio, which I have said before, is the fact that it is also a design tool, meaning it's not just good for placing shapes to be cut by your Silhouette.  Let me use this post as an example.

I apologize ahead of time for the blurring I had to do to the photos where the addresses and phone number were.  

I have a friend getting married soon. Decided to make up a bridal shower invitation that I could easily print and maybe just add an embellishment or two to, without a lot of fuss.   And yet...I have my Silhouette...so why not dress it up a little more?  Forget using Microsoft Word or some other word processing software to create my design.  If you have ever tried that, you will know that an invitation like the one I made would take ages, if not be impossible.  But with Silhouette Studio, I was able to design the following card using a variety of fonts, images, lines and shapes, all without fuss.  Sure it was a little annoying when the background image moved around a bit if I tried to drag the wrong image :), but really it was easy, and I could get just the look I wanted. I could pick font colors to match her wedding colors, etc.  Great.  What is also nice about this, is that I was able to save it in my library and then use it again with simple modifications should I want to use the same invite for another shower, invitation, etc. in the future.  Planning ahead. :)

Anyways, here are just a few tips/ideas for when you make your own designs:

* To make the dotted-line separator, I created a small circle and the duplicated down multiple times using the option from the replicate window.  Then I deleted every other dot (to get the spacing I desired).

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Glowing Eyes: Halloween Day Craft

Okay, okay, so I wanted to make one last Halloween decoration to share with you as a simple project that will put the perfect finishing touches on your home's Halloween appearance tomorrow night (the 31st).  Because you are using glow sticks that are sealed off in the tubes, you only will use these on Halloween night; aka, they only get one use, so pick your night to accordingly.  (You could, technically, unseal them and add a new glow stick each night.)

Materials Needed:
Cardboard tubes (from toilet paper, paper towels, or wrapping paper)
Glow sticks
Duct tape
X-acto knife (or small cutting razor blade)

I apologize that I didn't post this earlier so that you knew to save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes...but hopefully you have something readily available enough that fills the same purpose.

First, I cut out some "spooky eyes" that I found online (free clip-art).  I saved the image to my computer, opened it in Silhouette studio, and using the "Trace and Detach" function, was able to get the outlines of each of the eye-shapes.  I deleted the ones I did not want, then selected each of the ones I did.  Once they were selected, I used the "Cut" window, and selected "Cut outer edge" so that they would be cut.

Use the "Trace and Detach" function in Silhouette Studio to convert images you get off-line into cut-able images in your Silhouette.

Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern Game

Want a last minute, quick and easy idea for a child's class Halloween party, or for your own festivities Halloween evening with your children?  Try this simple "Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern" game.  Should take you just a few minutes to make, and then you'll have some fun entertainment for young kids ready to go!

Here is all you need:

* Black paper
* Orange paper
* A die (aka, singular of dice :) )
* Your Silhouette or Cricut (Cricut if you have the Monster Bash cartridge, or Pumpkin Carving seasonal cartridge)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frosted Vinyl Ghosts and Ghouls

Here is just one more quick bonus post today, for an easy idea you can make in all of about 5 minutes!

Find a ghost shape that you like online or from your Silhouette library.  Use our Silhouette Frosted Glass Vinyl to cut out your ghoulish shapes and then apply to your windows and/or mirrors!  The kids are already claiming who gets to be each ghost on the window. :)

For this image, we cut it out a few times, flipping it horizontally for the second cut so that they faced opposite ways.  We used both the outline and the "filling" to maximize our cut.  Super fun and easy!

Use our Silhouette Frosted Glass Vinyl to cut out ghosts for your windows
Try using both the outline and inner portions to maximize your cut

See you in 5 minutes with your cute new see-through ghosts.

Note:  Vinyl can peel off glass with no residue left behind, so don't worry about that.  In case you were. :)

The Real Bat-Mobile

I'm sure that when I say "Bat-mobile" people picture something more like this:

...and I let them, because I think it's clever.  Especially since, in reality, I mean this:

Homemade "Bat Mobile"
Okay.  So it isn't the cool car driven around by Batman.  But it is a mobile of bats, thus, a bat mobile, and a pretty cool one at that.  So I persist in telling people I made a bat mobile, and smiling when people wonder why I'd make a model comic car.  :)  

I got this idea from something similar done by Martha Stewart, but I used my Silhouette to size and cut out the bats for me, which made it easier.  Martha didn't have a Silhouette. Poor Martha.  So here's how to make this simple project for your home Halloween decor!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooky Halloween Mirror: Happy Hauntings!

Hey there, friends!  So this week's Halloween craft post was inspired by a craft I used to make at summer camp.  By scraping off the backing of a mirror, you can place an image behind it and make it look like it is in your mirror--or like your reflection is replace by whatever image you place behind it. (The wheels start turning.....) Hey--perfect idea for Halloween or what?! :)  The possibilities of making ghostly visitors appear in these Halloween decorations is endless. (See Jack, the Pumpkin King, gracing us with his ghostly presence in the mirror below.)

The Pumpkin King looks like he is wanting to join me on my couch for a visit
So off I went to the dollar store to buy myself a mirror.  If you have vinyl and a razor blade on-hand, this nifty little craft will cost you just the price of the mirror, i.e. $1 from the Dollar store!  Thanks, little green store.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witch's Shoe with Oreo Striped Stocking, Halloween Craft

It's Halloween season, and that means time for some fun Halloween crafts. Make this fun, but fitting Halloween gift for a friend, teacher, etc.  

I found this 3D heel on the Silhouette Online Store.  Cricut has a similar one with their Princess Party cartridge.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picture Perfect Play Room: Cricut Style

Want a simple way to dress up your play-room for cheap?  Try framing a few Cricut die-cut shapes and words on scrapbook paper.  Create whatever theme you like. 

For my the playroom at my sister's, she chose some bright colored paper that matched with the other items in her room, and then chose a few images and went at it.  

The first two (owl and mushroom) are from the Cricut cartridge "Paisley", which we carry on our website.

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"
Mushroom from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"

The third image (the monkey) is from the Cricut cartridge "Life's a Party," which we also carry.  Both are fun cartridges.

Monkey from Cricut Cartridge "Life's a Party"
I really like them created with the fun print papers.  

Next, she just hung them along her long wall in three matching frames.  Easy, cheap, and cute!

Enjoy! And send pics of any project you've done that's similar!  Would love to see how you are all using these great machines. :)

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mud Room--Home Base

Have a mud-room in your house and looking for a simple decoration?  Look no further.  This super easy project is cheap and quick.

1. Go to your local craft store (or hardware store, for that matter) and pick up four boards of varying sizes (or all the same size, if that's your thing).  They shouldn't cost more than a dollar or two each.
2. Paint them whatever color you like (I obviously picked black). Then choose a contrasting vinyl color.  We have tons to choose from in Silhouette vinyl and Cricut vinyl. :)  Go ahead, go color crazy.   (I used 'sand' Silhouette vinyl, in this case.)
3. Choose two or four different fonts for your letters, alternating them, then cut them out according to your sizing preference.
4. Apply letters to your board. (Put transfer tape over your cut letter.  Press it down firmly with your scraper.  Peel it up off of the backing--the vinyl letter should now be attached to the transfer tape.  Position in on your board.  Press down and then use your scraper to rub and secure it in place.  Peel off your transfer tape.  Vinyl should be attached to the board.)
5. Tie and attach sheer ribbon (or ribbon of your choice).  I attached the ribbon with a hot-glue gun, also tying a bow and glueing it to the front to give the appearance of having it tied through the wood.  If you want to drill some holes, go for it.  Glueing worked just as easy, in this case.

Finally, just hang your letters from some coat hooks, and voila: you're done.  (If you actually USE your mudroom to hang coats in--we keep ours in the garage--then maybe try hanging these letters down the side, or just as a nice wall decoration!)

Home with your family--gotta love it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Homemade Qwirkle Game

Never heard of Qwirkle?  Well,...neither had I until a few years ago.  We were camping on the lake with my extended family, and a cousin introduced me to this great game.  It became the late-night game of choice for all the cousins, big and small, and we soon all knew we wanted our own Qwirkle set at home.

(To learn about how to play Qwirkle, game rules, etc., click here.  It is really quick and simple, and yet has won tons of awards. You can use this link to print out your own instructions for your homemade version as well.)

My Dad is also a big fan of new games, and I thought this would be a fun Christmas gift for him. Rather than put in the $25 or more to buy the game at the store (why are board games so expensive?!) I decided I'd rather put in some the time to make him his own personalized version of the game.  While I was at it, I'd make one for my sister, Mom, and myself as well.  Go big or go home, right?  The game pieces themselves are simple enough, and all I needed was the following for one set:

Materials Needed
*108 1x1" square wooden tiles (I found alphabet tiles and just spray painted over them)
*6 different colors of vinyl, enough for 18 pieces for each color (the shapes will be smaller than 1x1" each)
*Black spray or craft paint

To make your set, spray or paint each wooden tile black. Allow to dry.  Because there are so many tiles here, spray-painting them was a pretty easy route.  Just know that if you buy colored wooden tiles, it will take more paint to spray over the colors uniformly, so you may touch-up with regular craft paint.

Next, pick and lay aside 6 different colors of vinyl.  You can use whatever colors you like, but it is nice if they contrast.  Bold and bright colors look nice against the black.  See the original game for ideas.

Now, pick six different simple shapes that you have from different Cricut cartridges, or from your Silhouette library.  You'll want to make them different enough from each other that you don't have to think about it much when you play. :)  For my Dad's set, I picked simple images with a garden theme, such as a leaf, rake, flower, watering can, etc.  He loves to garden. :)  For my sister, I just chose some fun geometric shapes and whatever I came across first that didn't look too similar.

Homemade Qwirkle Game

Once you have your shapes, cut out three of each shape in each color vinyl.  I.e. If you are using a leaf shape--cut out three leafs in red, three in purple, three in green, three in blue, etc.  Do the same for each shape.

Obvious Note: The shapes need to be small enough to fit on your squares. :)  I hope you figured that one out on your own, but if not...measure them before you cut. :) Practice cutting them on a piece of regular paper to be sure.

Next, use your transfer tape and scraper to apply the vinyl shapes to your now dried black squares. When you're done...you're done!  Buy (or make) some tile holders from the store to help hide your pieces as you play.  These are dominos holders.  You can also just borrow your Scrabble tile holders. :)  Throw all your pieces in a bag, and voila--new homemade game that the entire family can play.  Even my 5 year old niece loves this game.  Not to mention her mother. :)   If you are feeling lazy, you can always buy the game here...but then what are you reading a DIY blog for? ;)


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lil' Frogger, Silhouette Fabric Paintin' on a Onesie

Remember that old Atarti game, Frogger?  The one where the frog has to move across traffic and jump logs and such to get to the lily pad on the other side?

Yeah. Memmmoories. ;) Well, in memory of that, hop on over to our website and get some individual fabric paints (which you can mix to create your own colors, especially with the base colors) or the Silhouette Fabric Paint Starters Kit and let the fun begin as you make all sorts of great stuff.  For instance, this cute lil' Frogger onesie that I made for a friend's hoppin' new baby. :)

To make this, I bought the lil' onesie for only $2.50 at Wal Mart (love cheap onesies), and then got to work on my design. First, I found the title and frogger image online, then I used Silhouette Studio to trace, detach and then form a cut-away image for my design.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Organizing on a Dime, pt. 2: Storage Compartments

Well, it's about time I do the "part 2" of my organizing on a dime post.  (Click here for a link to my first post.) Here are a bunch of simple ideas for storing crafting supplies (and other things) on "a dime," and keeping them looking cute at the same time.  You can use scraps of items you probably already have on-hand to "cute-ify" them.  So here's a peak at what I've done on my college budget to organize and spruce up my crafting space.

Repurpose Old Food Canisters/Boxes

As a place for storing scissors and glue sticks, I used an old oatmeal canister. First, I Mod Podged some paper to it, and then cut out a border from my Cricut Folk Art Festival cartridge.  I got a wooden knob from the hardware store for $1.25, and super-glued it to the top for an easy-to-remove lid.

Border made using Cricut's Folk Art Festival cartridge
Save old canisters to repurpose--an old oatmeal canister or fancy cheese case
And remember my cheese party post from ages ago?  Someone brought Brie in a fancy case, so.... :) Perfect case for push and safety pins! 

Next, why throw away all your cereal boxes when you can use them as a perfect storage unit with just a little effort?  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

His and Hers Bookmarks

Ever have one of those times where you want to read the same book as your significant other, or as someone else in your home, and yet keep losing your page?  You read when they are asleep, they read when you're at work, etc. ;)  Well, maybe you don't ever have that problem, but that doesn't make these "his" and "hers" bookmarks any less cute.

This is a short post, because you can almost figure out how to make these just by looking at them, but there are lots of pictures because, well I think they're cute. :)  The end.  But actually, here are just a few notes/instructions. Then happy bookmark making. And reading.

Note: For the "his"bookmark, I cut the argyle using my Cricut machine and the Lyrical Letters cartridge.  (This is a great cartridge to own, if you don't have it already.  I use it all the time.) The argyle image is just one of cute extra bonuses to the main font and texts.  :)  Thanks, Cricut. 

Cut the argyle using Cricut cartridge Lyrical Letters

For the "hers" bookmark, I used some pressed flower stickers, cut out a heart from a page from an old hollowed out book (more on that in my post next week), and then covered over the whole thing with lace for a very feminine texture.

Use pressed flowers and then a heart cut from an old book page.  

Cover with Mod Podge, then lace, press down, then cut off the excess lace when dry. 
 Voila.  His and Hers.  Hers and His. Really, anyone's, just cute.  Read up.

Both reading the same book? Mark two places.  Go on--read ahead. :)

And they lived happily ever after... 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Genius: Silhouette Pen Holder

Silhouette has a new design for their pen holder, which we carry at MakeitScrappin.com, so I decided to try it out.  I was curious how it would do drawing a sketch I found online...so I went with a DaVinci.  Go big or go home, right?  :)

da Vinci's Mechanical Wings sketch
My version, using my Silhouette Pen-Holder and a fine tipped marker.
First, I had to open the image using Silhouette Studio, and use the "Trace and Detach" function to get my image "drawable."  I played around with the settings until it covered most of the sketch, and then drew in a few lines of my own using the "free draw" tool to cover for areas where the lines had been too hard to capture.  (For how to get images from online turned into cut, print, or draw images, see my post on DIY: Print and Cut Designs. However, you will likely not want to increase the threshold so much for a sketch.) I kept many of the messy edges because it felt right for the look of this old sketch.

So, in using this pen holder, I found that for the type of pen that I was using, it was necessary to make a slight modification.