Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mud Room--Home Base

Have a mud-room in your house and looking for a simple decoration?  Look no further.  This super easy project is cheap and quick.

1. Go to your local craft store (or hardware store, for that matter) and pick up four boards of varying sizes (or all the same size, if that's your thing).  They shouldn't cost more than a dollar or two each.
2. Paint them whatever color you like (I obviously picked black). Then choose a contrasting vinyl color.  We have tons to choose from in Silhouette vinyl and Cricut vinyl. :)  Go ahead, go color crazy.   (I used 'sand' Silhouette vinyl, in this case.)
3. Choose two or four different fonts for your letters, alternating them, then cut them out according to your sizing preference.
4. Apply letters to your board. (Put transfer tape over your cut letter.  Press it down firmly with your scraper.  Peel it up off of the backing--the vinyl letter should now be attached to the transfer tape.  Position in on your board.  Press down and then use your scraper to rub and secure it in place.  Peel off your transfer tape.  Vinyl should be attached to the board.)
5. Tie and attach sheer ribbon (or ribbon of your choice).  I attached the ribbon with a hot-glue gun, also tying a bow and glueing it to the front to give the appearance of having it tied through the wood.  If you want to drill some holes, go for it.  Glueing worked just as easy, in this case.

Finally, just hang your letters from some coat hooks, and voila: you're done.  (If you actually USE your mudroom to hang coats in--we keep ours in the garage--then maybe try hanging these letters down the side, or just as a nice wall decoration!)

Home with your family--gotta love it!

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