Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Spooky Glowing Eyes: Halloween Day Craft

Okay, okay, so I wanted to make one last Halloween decoration to share with you as a simple project that will put the perfect finishing touches on your home's Halloween appearance tomorrow night (the 31st).  Because you are using glow sticks that are sealed off in the tubes, you only will use these on Halloween night; aka, they only get one use, so pick your night to accordingly.  (You could, technically, unseal them and add a new glow stick each night.)

Materials Needed:
Cardboard tubes (from toilet paper, paper towels, or wrapping paper)
Glow sticks
Duct tape
X-acto knife (or small cutting razor blade)

I apologize that I didn't post this earlier so that you knew to save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes...but hopefully you have something readily available enough that fills the same purpose.

First, I cut out some "spooky eyes" that I found online (free clip-art).  I saved the image to my computer, opened it in Silhouette studio, and using the "Trace and Detach" function, was able to get the outlines of each of the eye-shapes.  I deleted the ones I did not want, then selected each of the ones I did.  Once they were selected, I used the "Cut" window, and selected "Cut outer edge" so that they would be cut.

Use the "Trace and Detach" function in Silhouette Studio to convert images you get off-line into cut-able images in your Silhouette.

Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern Game

Want a last minute, quick and easy idea for a child's class Halloween party, or for your own festivities Halloween evening with your children?  Try this simple "Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern" game.  Should take you just a few minutes to make, and then you'll have some fun entertainment for young kids ready to go!

Here is all you need:

* Black paper
* Orange paper
* A die (aka, singular of dice :) )
* Your Silhouette or Cricut (Cricut if you have the Monster Bash cartridge, or Pumpkin Carving seasonal cartridge)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Frosted Vinyl Ghosts and Ghouls

Here is just one more quick bonus post today, for an easy idea you can make in all of about 5 minutes!

Find a ghost shape that you like online or from your Silhouette library.  Use our Silhouette Frosted Glass Vinyl to cut out your ghoulish shapes and then apply to your windows and/or mirrors!  The kids are already claiming who gets to be each ghost on the window. :)

For this image, we cut it out a few times, flipping it horizontally for the second cut so that they faced opposite ways.  We used both the outline and the "filling" to maximize our cut.  Super fun and easy!

Use our Silhouette Frosted Glass Vinyl to cut out ghosts for your windows
Try using both the outline and inner portions to maximize your cut

See you in 5 minutes with your cute new see-through ghosts.

Note:  Vinyl can peel off glass with no residue left behind, so don't worry about that.  In case you were. :)

The Real Bat-Mobile

I'm sure that when I say "Bat-mobile" people picture something more like this:

...and I let them, because I think it's clever.  Especially since, in reality, I mean this:

Homemade "Bat Mobile"
Okay.  So it isn't the cool car driven around by Batman.  But it is a mobile of bats, thus, a bat mobile, and a pretty cool one at that.  So I persist in telling people I made a bat mobile, and smiling when people wonder why I'd make a model comic car.  :)  

I got this idea from something similar done by Martha Stewart, but I used my Silhouette to size and cut out the bats for me, which made it easier.  Martha didn't have a Silhouette. Poor Martha.  So here's how to make this simple project for your home Halloween decor!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Spooky Halloween Mirror: Happy Hauntings!

Hey there, friends!  So this week's Halloween craft post was inspired by a craft I used to make at summer camp.  By scraping off the backing of a mirror, you can place an image behind it and make it look like it is in your mirror--or like your reflection is replace by whatever image you place behind it. (The wheels start turning.....) Hey--perfect idea for Halloween or what?! :)  The possibilities of making ghostly visitors appear in these Halloween decorations is endless. (See Jack, the Pumpkin King, gracing us with his ghostly presence in the mirror below.)

The Pumpkin King looks like he is wanting to join me on my couch for a visit
So off I went to the dollar store to buy myself a mirror.  If you have vinyl and a razor blade on-hand, this nifty little craft will cost you just the price of the mirror, i.e. $1 from the Dollar store!  Thanks, little green store.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witch's Shoe with Oreo Striped Stocking, Halloween Craft

It's Halloween season, and that means time for some fun Halloween crafts. Make this fun, but fitting Halloween gift for a friend, teacher, etc.  

I found this 3D heel on the Silhouette Online Store.  Cricut has a similar one with their Princess Party cartridge.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picture Perfect Play Room: Cricut Style

Want a simple way to dress up your play-room for cheap?  Try framing a few Cricut die-cut shapes and words on scrapbook paper.  Create whatever theme you like. 

For my the playroom at my sister's, she chose some bright colored paper that matched with the other items in her room, and then chose a few images and went at it.  

The first two (owl and mushroom) are from the Cricut cartridge "Paisley", which we carry on our website.

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"
Mushroom from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"

The third image (the monkey) is from the Cricut cartridge "Life's a Party," which we also carry.  Both are fun cartridges.

Monkey from Cricut Cartridge "Life's a Party"
I really like them created with the fun print papers.  

Next, she just hung them along her long wall in three matching frames.  Easy, cheap, and cute!

Enjoy! And send pics of any project you've done that's similar!  Would love to see how you are all using these great machines. :)

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"