Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern Game

Want a last minute, quick and easy idea for a child's class Halloween party, or for your own festivities Halloween evening with your children?  Try this simple "Roll a Jack-O'-Lantern" game.  Should take you just a few minutes to make, and then you'll have some fun entertainment for young kids ready to go!

Here is all you need:

* Black paper
* Orange paper
* A die (aka, singular of dice :) )
* Your Silhouette or Cricut (Cricut if you have the Monster Bash cartridge, or Pumpkin Carving seasonal cartridge)

First, click on the following link to take you to your pumpkin shape, to use for each child's "board": Pumpkin Shape pdf.   Or you can just use your own pumpkin shape.  I printed mine on orange paper (it's a pumpkin, after all...). Print as many as you would like for your game (one for each child).

Second, cut out the faces.  The jack-o'-lantern faces came from the Silhouette Online Store.  They are called "Mix and Match Pumpkin Faces."  There are two sets, which you can use both of for more variety.  Or, if you have a Cricut, try using our "Monster Bash" cartridge, or creating your own face pieces using geometric shapes from other cartridges you have on-hand.  Use black paper (or yellow), and cut out enough so that each pumpkin "board" (sheet) would be able to have a full face. 

Third, create and print out your instructions sheet.  We used a hole punch to cut out the dots for the dice on the sheet and glued them on, and then also glued an example of each face piece next to each instruction, since we were making this game for a kindergarden class (can't read). :)  I'll update this post with a pdf of this file soon, or one very similar.

Play and have fun!  The rules are simple.  Take turns rolling the die and see which face pieces you get. The first to complete a full face (two eyes, one nose, one mouth, and eyebrows) wins! :)  Keeps the kids entertained while you eat one more piece of pie, maybe?  Or sort through some of their candy and clean up. :) If doing this for a classroom party, kids can glue on the face pieces as they earn them and then take them home. 

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