Thursday, October 10, 2013

Witch's Shoe with Oreo Striped Stocking, Halloween Craft

It's Halloween season, and that means time for some fun Halloween crafts. Make this fun, but fitting Halloween gift for a friend, teacher, etc.  

I found this 3D heel on the Silhouette Online Store.  Cricut has a similar one with their Princess Party cartridge.  
Making it is pretty self explanatory...except the heel, which I just played around with until it stood up...and you can't really tell by looking at it that I did it incorrectly. ;) So, sorry that I have no real tips there.  Now, to the making.

Quick note--  I tried fitting all of my pieces on one 8"x11" piece of paper, but for some reason that the paper would tear when I did this.  I think it was because I had the pieces too close together, and many pieces, that one piece of paper got stuck and tore, causing it to jam a little.  So...maybe try and space it out over two pages?  That's all I could attribute it to, as I have a new blade and the actual cut pieces were cut perfectly.

Once you have all your pieces cut, you should have two sides, one back, one toe-top, four heel pieces, and one bottom piece.  

The image actually comes with two bottom pieces to be cut out, but I wanted my inner bottom piece to be a different color paper, so I did them separately.  I made the shoe look more like a witch's shoe by adding a buckle and web-looking flower, with the purple one just for kicks. :)  My "buckle" was actually a frame from the Cricut cartridge, Formal Occasion (which, by the way, we have on sale right now for $14.95 instead of $29.99!  Go team!).  I ran the buckle through my ebosser with a dotted folder just to add a little more texture.  You can also see the "inside" bottom paper choice I used in the photo below.

After you've glued (try using a hot glue-gun to get the frame pieces to stay well) fill a bag with mint or orange cream Oreo's to look like a witch's striped stockings!  The end. Super cute! 

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