Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Picture Perfect Play Room: Cricut Style

Want a simple way to dress up your play-room for cheap?  Try framing a few Cricut die-cut shapes and words on scrapbook paper.  Create whatever theme you like. 

For my the playroom at my sister's, she chose some bright colored paper that matched with the other items in her room, and then chose a few images and went at it.  

The first two (owl and mushroom) are from the Cricut cartridge "Paisley", which we carry on our website.

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"
Mushroom from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"

The third image (the monkey) is from the Cricut cartridge "Life's a Party," which we also carry.  Both are fun cartridges.

Monkey from Cricut Cartridge "Life's a Party"
I really like them created with the fun print papers.  

Next, she just hung them along her long wall in three matching frames.  Easy, cheap, and cute!

Enjoy! And send pics of any project you've done that's similar!  Would love to see how you are all using these great machines. :)

Owl from Cricut Cartridge "Paisley"

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