Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cheap End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Need a quick and cheap gift for your child's teacher this year?  Here are two simple ideas that cost less than $5.00! I created both of these tags using my Silhouette machine and then printed them out on my printer.
 The first idea, is a potted flower with a tag that says: "Thanks for helping me GROW this year!"  I changed the 'o' in grow to a flower to make it look a little cuter.

 Our next idea is some nail polish with a tag on it that says: "Teachers like you PAINT bright futures!"  I like to this one for the specialty teachers that my child sees- computer, art, music, aids, etc.  They tend to get forgotten and this is a cheap gift that you can give to a lot of different people.  If your child has a male teacher- change up the nail polish for some finger paint or watercolors.

And there you have it, two simple and cheap ideas that you can give to your teachers at the end of the year!