Friday, February 6, 2015

Time to be my Valentine

I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and saw a bag of candy watches for sale.  They were so cute I just had to get them and I figured I could think of a cute quote to go with them for my daughters Valentines day cards.  So I got home and started searching Pinterest for any ideas. I found one that I liked and made one similar.  I love how they turned out and can't wait for Valentines day!

If you like it as well, here is a free printable for you. I printed it out, but you can use your Silhouette sketch pens just as easy! It is a Silhouette file, so it will only work if you have a Silhouette machine- sorry!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Laundry Room Quotes

When I was looking for a cute quote to put up in my laundry room, I found a bunch of them but it took some searching on Pinterest to find some and they all were the same ones. So, to help out in your search for some different quotes, here are four different ones that you could use!  

They were all created using a Silhouette machine (but a Cricut would work just as well) and cut out with different  colors of vinyl.  Hope you like them.  Thank you to our cousin Janelle for creating them and sharing your projects with us!