Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas for under $2.00

Today we have a guest contributor:  Devon Searle.  Thanks for sharing your crafting ideas, Devon!  We love them. Simple, cute, easy, affordable, and perfect for this season.

Hello!  Well, with Christmas quickly approaching, I wanted to find some fast and inexpensive gifts that I could make to give to friends and neighbors.  So I pull out my trusty Silhouette machine and got  to work.

The first project cost me about $0.50 for the tile and $0.50 for the Three Wise Men Silhouette download.

They have a few different wise men images to choose from, and some even have sayings that go with them. I chose to cut out my own saying. All you have to do is pick the size tile that you want from your local hardware store and then cut and stick your vinyl on.  It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish to make these beautiful tiles.

My next quick gift is a custom ornament.  For this gift, you could put your neighbors last name, initials, any holiday shape, etc... the possibilities are endless. I choose to put "I am a Child of God" because I am making these ornaments for some young children at church. I got the saying from the Silhouette store by searching for: "I am a child of God". Depending on how big your ornament is will determine how big you want to make your saying. My saying turned out to be 2"x4.5".

To make the ornament, simply size your letters to fit the size of the ornament (I cut the shape out with paper first to see how the size looked. This way, I am not using the more expensive vinyl on something that might be too big or small.). Next, cut the shape out and peel off the excess vinyl.

  I choose to add transfer tape on top for ease of application.

 Then I placed it on the ornament.

Then I peeled off the transfer tape and I was done!

Once again, it only took me a few minutes to create this simple and fun gift. I found these clear, plastic ornaments at Walmart for $0.88 and the saying only cost me $0.50.  So for under $2.00 you could make these adorable gifts and people will never guess how little you spent making them! Happy gifting!


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