Friday, September 12, 2014

Quote Friday

Being in the scrapbooking, card-making, and crafting business, I am often looking for the perfect quote or tag line to add to my page, card, sign, etc.  I think we can all relate in some degree. Sometimes, a simple word or phrase will do to capture the sentiment I want to get across,

or to tag the feeling or event.

Other times, I want a fun phrase to serve as label or decoration,

or a quote that fits perfectly to a room or friend. 

Often, this entails a lot of searching for inspiration, for that thing that fits "just right" with what I'm feeling for that craft.  For instance, when I was making a Father's Day card for my Dad this year, I wanted something a little silly but that also expressed gratitude.  I came across a card that read: "Well done, Dad!  I'm awesome."  I went with that :) (and then went on to tell him all the ways his example had helped shape me into being so, of course).  

In the spirit of that search, we thought we'd start sharing some sort of quotation/phrase with you each week.  I'm doing a similar thing on my personal blog as a means of just keepin' up that inspiration, or that smile.  These will be great things to pin to pinterest for that time when you just may need them. So, here's hopin' they inspire you and your crafting, or help you with that perfect tag-line for a card or scrapbook page.  They'll be quick, but we hope you like them and keep checking back each week.  Have a favorite of your own that you've seen or used?  Please share it with our readers as a comment on this post!  We all thank you now. :)

So, to get us going with an auspicious start, I stopped by a local diner today and saw this saying on the wall:  

Love supporting small businesses, and the fact that they usually have such personality. Thanks for the quote idea, HoneyDip Donuts & Diner! Crafters--have fun with that one. Now go each a donut cheeseburger. (Actually on the menu there.)

*Note:  If you are interested, each of the images above, minus the last sign, are from previous posts we've shared on this blog, which give descriptions of how-to's and font styles. 

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