Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Just Because

Sometimes, friends just need roses.  Other times,...well roses are just always nice, aren't they?  That's what I thought.

I love flowers.

So, I saw some flowers at the grocery store one day and thought, "why not?"  I bought them and thought I'd pass them on to a few friends to brighten their day, "just because." :)

I found a few simple labels/tags that I had in my Silhouette Library and added in a few very small circles as "hole punches"
so I could thread ribbon or string.

I also had the "just because" saying in my library as well (so sorry I can't give you a specific font type on that one).  Once they were all cut out (thank you, Silhouette) it was just a matter of glueing them! Easy peasy. 

Add on your message and some twine or ribbon to tie it with, and you're off to make someone's day a bit nicer.  Just because.

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