Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How To: Personalized Silhouette Chipboard Puzzle

Well, I guess my last post sort of left you with a slightly unfinished product. :)  The idea was to have that post be for sharing some basic steps of how to use chipboard with your Silhouette, for those who might feel uncomfortable testing out a new product.  Also, it was easier to only do one video per post. :)  But as you can now see, chipboard is easy enough to use.  So, to follow up and finish off the project, watch the video above for the rest of the tutorial on how to make your own personalized puzzle! However, for those of you who know how to use chipboard and who say "Who needs a tutorial?!  Let me get my hands on that stuff!"--to you, I say "have at it!"  :)  I can't wait to see what you make.  Also, we've obviously got some chipboard on our website for a good price.  Have at that, too. ;)

But, if you are looking to polish off your idea, here's mine:

I took a photo of my nieces from when we got free 7Eleven slurpees on one of my visits, and added on the "Families are cool" (get it?) tagline. Yeah, I'm a little cheesy (or cool), but that's alright by me.  Then I gave them the puzzle as a gift.  Family momento and a puzzle, in one?!  Can things get any better than that?  Maybe. :)  But I still like things that preserve family memories, share family love,...and I also really like puzzles. So have at it.  Make a family puzzle.  Take a photo of your kid's favorite toys having a tea party and then turn it into a puzzle.  Scan a photo of a picture they drew and use that.  There are so many fun possibilities. I think I am going to try one more next week.  

Also, I got the free puzzle file from  Thanks, Bird's Cards!  They have a few different options that you can check out here.

And that's all, folks!

Key Reminder:  Be sure to print your photo with the registration marks clicked on to "show."  This is needed so that your Silhouette machine will then know where to cut out your image, and will match it up with your printed image.   Yeah.  That's important stuff. :)  (The registration marks are those two corner markers, and the black square in the top right-hand corner. 

Puzzled at all?  Just watch the video above.  And have fun!

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