Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Halloween Photo Props

So recently my sister was in charge of a Fall Festival activity in her neighborhood. This activity is apparently a big deal, with pony rides, pumpkin carvings, and of course: candy.    This year they decided to tap into the Photo Booth craze that has been hitting the wedding scene, where guests are provided props to use as they get their picture(s) taken. They are then given a copy of the photo(s) to take home with them, while the host is also usually printed a copy for their memories.  It's great fun. And in this case, a terrrrifyingly fitting and good idea. ;)

These props are so simple to make, you'll wonder you haven't done them for every party you've had recently.  Just go onto your Silhouette Online Store and type in "Photo Booth Props" and a variety of fun items that you can attach to a stick will pop up.  For this event, she looked up Halloween Photo Booth Props, and found those you see above (there were a lot of fun ones to choose from).  You can also easily make your own by downloading a mouth or scary glasses shape from the internet and using your trace and detach function in Silhouette Studio to make your own shape for cutting.  These were just glued or taped to a stirring straw, and voila!  Instant ghoul-y cuteness.

(Obviously, they did some more "cute" props as well, such as the crown or 70's style glasses.)  The color of cardstock you use can make a big difference in the feel and appearance.  Add on some glue and glitter to your shades, and whew, you've got yourself a good time. :)  Easy, peasy.  Got some props ideas you love? Share them in the comments!  

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