Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Wooden Valentine's Day Crafts

So, every year as February rolls around I find myself wondering what the punctuation is for...this upcoming holiday.  :)  Valentine's Day, such as in the Day of St. Valentine?  Or, is it Valentines' Day, as in the day for Valentines (sweethearts)?  Or, is it just Valentines Day, as I see so often?  Well...I finally looked it up online and what I found was that both the first and last are appropriate...depending on what you want it to mean. ha.  Guess that answers that.  Anyways.  On to crafting!

This week I just have a few ideas for some simple wood-block Valentine's crafts.   Each is pretty self-explanatory just by looking at it, but hey, I've got to write something, right? :) Feel free to just look at the pictures, but know we have

This first one is just rectangle block painted red with white vinyl "be mine" applied on top.  I added a small ribbon tied around it all just to finish it off.  The "be mine" phrase can be found on the Silhouette online store (along with a lot of other cute looking versions).

I sanded around the edges first...

 ...and then did some sanding around the edges afterwards as well just for a little extra.  The end!  Takes only as long as it takes for the paint to dry.  Easy, right?  (You can certainly just use sand the edges by hand using sandpaper.)

For the next project you need four square blocks, two colors of paint, and some patterned scrapbook paper.  I painted my "x" blocks brown, and my "o" blocks (or "heart" blocks) red.  Then did alternating colored papers (red and brown based) cut just a few millimeters smaller than the size of the blocks. Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper: first apply it on the back of the paper (or front of the block), press out any air bubbles, and wait for it to dry.   Once it is dry, cover it with a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it off.  It will dry clear.  Next, cut out two "x's" and two hearts (to use as "o's") using a basic unifying colored vinyl.  Place one on each block, tie a ribbon around the four blocs, and voila!  A lovely and simple valentine craft and decoration for you home.  Great idea to make and give to friends.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or, Valentines Day!  Or...Valentines' Day.  Or...Day of love! :) xoxo.

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