Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Lil' Card Lovin'

So for my post today I am just going to share a couple of cute cards.  Simple?  Well....one of them is. :) But both are great for weddings, holiday's etc.  And the second works well for a gift card holder. Anyways.  Here's a lil' card inspiration and then tutelage for you.

First card, I just used my eBosser on a plain sheet of white paper, cut a lil' black strip for the bottom, and then used my Silhouette sketch pens to write the Mr. & Mrs. using a free font I got offline called Riesling.  I really like this particular font.  I cut out a very small heart using a scrap of some of my double-sided adhesive and there you have it.  Super simple and yet very cute!  Perfect for a wedding. If you don't have an eBosser, try using a pearl or patterned white paper.  Yay.

Okay, so onto the second one.

I'm just telling you ahead of time--stick with me on this one. This cute card/giftcard holder looks more tricky to make than it really is, but I think you're really going to want to pay close attention to the pictures, as it is easier to show than tell, so to speak.  Just keep in mind, once you get this down you can use this for any holiday, birthday, etc.  People will think you're awesome and should probably move on to being an origami professional.  So let's jump on into folding... (after a picture of the finished product, of course.)

The card doubles as a gift-card holder with it's nifty pocket.

First, you need to start with a 8x10 inch sheet of double-sided print paper.

Fold it in half long-ways (i.e. by width).

Then, unfold it, and now fold it it half by height, this time with the other side of the sheet showing once folded.  (The below picture has it standing up like a teepee so you can see how we folded it differently.)

Next, unfold it and cut along your height (or short) fold, just to the middle on one side.

Next, fold your top left corner (opposite side as the one you cut the slit from) over until it reaches your center fold. 

Now give your paper a 180 so that the bottom is now on the top.  Once you've switched it around, fold a small corner of your new top-left corner.  Or, in other words, fold in a small triangle (NOT to the center) in the diagonal corner from the other corner you folded in. See photo below. (Reminder: the following photos are now taken after I've flipped my sheet around 180 degrees.)

Now, fold your top square along your fold lines and cut line, across to the right.  Glue it in place.

Then, fold the bottom half of you sheet up over the top half, like so. This is where the different triangle folds you do sort of overlap and create a type of pocket or pouch in the front of your card.  To make room in this pocket, but to make it so that the card will stick together, draw and 'L' with your gluestick around the edge of your bottom layer before folding the lower half up over the top.  In other words...after completing the last step but before moving on to this step, make an 'L' with your gluestick so that just the left-side and bottom will be glued tightly shut once you fold over the bottom portion. This keeps the card glued together, but also leaves part of it open for a pocket.  (Okay okay, so you also glue the small right side as well...basically just glue around those three edges. :)  Sorry! I'm telling you...just follow the pictures.  You're bright.  You can do this without my confusing instructions. :) )

Now fold it in half width-wise, and you've got yourself the basic card.

From here, it's nice to add embellishments based on whatever your card is for.  We were making this for Valentine's Day, but it could also be great for a wedding gift-card.  I used my Silhouette to cut out the word "Love" and glued that to the front.  The dimensions were about 2.5" by 3.5".

Then I found and cut out a tag using my Silhouette (using our Cricut cartridge Tags, Bags and More cartridge would also work just as great--I just already was working on my Silhouette) and used a small glue to stick my Applebee's giftcard to the tag.  Your card is now just ready for you to write in.  (I also add in a rectangle of non-print paper inside my card to write on, as it is usually easier to read from than a print paper. But the print forms a sort of border, which I like.)

There you go!  A few cards for the making, and one that will make the attempt at making this piece of origami...

Yo'da master at card making
...a little easier.  (Maybe.)  Yo'da master at card making.

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