Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chalkboard Vinyl-on-Magnet Paper To-Do List

Well hello!  It's been a few weeks, and I hope the holidays have left you happy and excited for this new year.  Here is a simple project to start out the new year and help keep you organized.  It's a magnetic chalkboard to-do list (etc.) made using just a few simple materials.

Materials Needed:
* Chalk!  --Chalk-markers work great for lists that you won't be erasing daily (they don't smudge as easily as regular chalk).
* Hole punch and twine or ribbon (optional)
* Embellishments (optional)

So, see!   Really only three items needed to do it basic! 

Note:  For my embellishments, I chose something that could get wet.  I did this because I knew I'd want to wipe down this "chalkboard" occasionally with a wet rag to clean off the old chalk.  I wouldn't want to use paper embellishments that would get ruined when I did that.  Just something to be aware of.

First:  Select and size your image in Silhouette Studio.  I used a "label" shape (such as in a tag or christmas label), and then just elongated it.  Be sure not to select too intricate a shape, as you will need to overlay one adhesive material perfectly over the other, and the double stickiness can make that difficult if it is too fancy a cut--fewer room for mistakes.  But do (and try) what makes you happy! Maybe you're just more patient that I am. 

Second:   Using your Silhouette, cut out your shape using the adhesive magnet paper.  Then cut it out again using a piece of your chalkboard vinyl.  

Third: Pull off the white backing of the adhesive magnet paper.

Pull off the white backing of the adhesive magnet paper to reveal the adhesive side.  
With the adhesive side revealed, it's time to layer on your cut chalkboard vinyl.  You will want to line these up exactly.  I started at the top, slowly pressing the vinyl down, and pressing out any air bubbles as I went.  Because these two adhesives (the sticky back of the vinyl and the sticky front of the adhesive magnet paper) are eager to do their job--aka, attach to the other--they attach quicker and are a little less forgiving, meaning you are likely to get a few more bubbles than you otherwise might using just one or the other adhesive.  Some people suggest starting from the middle for this reason, but I find it hard to keep my shape perfectly lined up when I do it that way.  To each their own.  This is how I did mine. There were still a few bubbles at the bottom tht would not dissipate despite plenty of pressing and re-lifting and aligning, but again, I think this was due to the double-stickiness/eagerness to attach.

Fourth:  One your vinyl is adhered correctly to your magnet, you're ready to get on to embellishing.  I used a hole punch at the top and then glued a jute bow up by the hole.  I guess I wanted to pretend like I was tying it through the hole?  That seems kind of silly, but it gives it the right "look" I was going for. :)  You've done that too, right? Then I found some metal adhesive flowers that I then added down the side as a sort of marker for my "items" on my list.  You can use anything, or nothing, but if you use something be sure that it won't be ruined by the continual wiping off of the chalkboard anytime you erase an old "to-do" or "to-buy" list.  If your items aren't adhesives themselves, you can certainly use a hot glue-gun to attach whatever embellishments you chose.  

Finally, I just added a "Don't forget!" line, using my chalk-marker.  The markers don't really smudge much, so that will stay up top until I use water on a rag to wipe it off.  Then I can make it a proper "To-Do" list, or "Reasons I Love You" list. (There are more than 4.)  But really, that's it!  Very simple. One, two, three; Cut, cut, paste (of sorts). :)  

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these products!  Glad to answer your questions, or to test things out on the products for you so that I can then better answer them for you. :)

Here's to an easy and cute reminder chalkboard--made by you!

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