Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chalkboard Vinyl Placemats

Well, since I used Chalkboard Vinyl last week, I decided to do one more project with it today.  This is a super simple project that should take you all of 5 minutes to make.  And friends will be asking you where you got these at.  These placemats are great for kids (something they can play with while waiting for lunch, etc.), but are actually also fun for grown-up dinners.  I've seen them used as place-settings for Thanksgiving, with "I'm Thankful For:" written down one side, and everyone allowed and encouraged to write things down on them.  I've also had some friends over for dinner and used something similar to this as a fun thing to keep people entertained and conversing over topics around the table.  If you've ever been to Macaroni Grill--with their paper table cloths you are meant to color on (this is a nice restaraunt)--you'll get the idea.  But yes, fun for kids, and yet can be kicked up a notch for classier, yet fun, table settings as well.  So, without further ado, here's to making these very simple placemats.

Chalkboard vinyl placemats--great fun for the kids! Try colored chalk markers.
What you'll need:
* Plastic placemats (I used clear, but you can get some at the dollar store with any ol' pattern on them, since you'll be covering up the front with chalkboard vinyl anyways.  No worries!)
* Chalkboard Vinyl (we've got you covered there!)
* Colored vinyl (silver, etc.) for utensil or other embellishing cut-outs (we sell over 15 colors, so take your pick)
* Transfer Paper  (Hint: for small items to be transferred, I use a sheet from my lint roller.  I wouldn't recommend that for larger items, but it works for small things.  Just a quick tip if you're in a fix!)
* And obviously, some chalk or chalk-markers if you want to put these things to their proper use. :) Colored chalk markers are fun (and are what are featured here).

First, you need to measure your plastic placemat.

Measure your placemat
Once you have it measured, cut a piece of your chalkboard vinyl to fit the mat.  I left a small border of the clear placemat around the outside edge, i.e. I cut it about a half-inch smaller on both the length and width.  Then, apply it carefully to your placemat.  Press down firmly.  Start from the middle and press outwards to minimize air bubbles.

Next, cut out some "utensils" using a colored vinyl, such as silver, pale blue, or whatever matches your decor.  You can forego the utensils and just do swirls, flourishes, or try cutting out your child's name and putting it across the top or down the side.  Make it your own. :) I went with utensils.  Use the transfer tape to apply it, per the vinyl directions.  

Rub on the embellishments, pull of the transfer tape, and voila!  You're set. 

Chalkboard vinyl placemat for kids

Now let the kids get to work as you get to making their lunches!  ;)  Happy art time at the table.  Easy clean up--just wipe off using a wet paper towel or cloth! Easy as can be.  

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