Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lesson from Cinderella

Ever looking for an excuse to get a new pair of shoes? Well the message of this adorable sign might just be all the excuse you need. ;)


I had a small community service auction to attend where individuals could auction off "services" (wash your car, two free piano lessons, hem some pants, fresh baked goods for a year, etc.), or auction off hand-made items, with all the money going toward a local charity.  I decided to make a few wall-hangings that I could auction off, this "Cinderella" sign included.  I knew of at least one person in attendance who it would be perfect for (she, incidentally, was the highest bidder) :), so I was excited to make it. All I needed were the following items, most of which I had on hand.

Wooden Board ($1.99 at local craft store)
Sponge brush
Black Vinyl
Silhouette Double-Sided Adhesive Sheet
Adhesive Rhinestones
Other accessories of choice (I used pearls and a feather)
Silhouette Hook and Spatula
(We have vinyl, Silhouette adhesive rhinestones, hook, spatula, and double-sided adhesive sheets on our website: www.makeitscrappin.com)

 Obviously, I painted the board first (mixed a few colors, as the ivory color I originally had in mind turned out to be a bit too yellow for my liking).  Then I used Silhouette Studio to size and create the images I wanted. (See my Hint from my previous post on how to use Silhouette Studio as a great design tool.)  As always, I like to find ways to use my scraps from previous projects for my current ones.  Thus, I used some more of a scrap of a double-sided adhesive sheet for my flourishes, planning on "glittering" them after. :)
Use scraps from previous projects for embellishment pieces.
I applied my double-sided adhesive first, but kept the top layer (white sheet) on until after I applied my vinyl lettering, so as to not rub off any of the glitter I planned to apply to the flourishes while applying the vinyl.

Note:  BEWARE of cutting extremely small and skinny lettering with your vinyl.  I always forget that, and lament it the entire time I am trying to work with the vinyl.  I swear it is like preforming surgery with my hook and spatula.  But really.  I'm a surgeon. Because my board was so small (only about 5 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches) my lettering also ended up being really small.  It is possible (you can judge by the finished product) but I will tell you that it took me over an hour to carefully pull up the small extra pieces of vinyl without getting the letters stuck to the back, and to keep each letter in place.  Whew.  Just be aware of what you are getting into if you want to cut such skinny letters (these were really small).

Sometimes your Hook can be a life (project) saver.
Use the vinyl you pulled away as a stencil if you want to make another! 
 Hint:  Because this was so time-consuming, I carefully preserved the outside vinyl and letter centers (such as the inside of the "o") and used it as a stencil for a duplicate project for my roommate.  Then just use a sponge brush to paint over the letters, and then pull off the vinyl when the paint dries.  Two-for-one. :)

After applying the vinyl, I attached the embellishments I'd chosen, and then sprinkled on the glitter.

Apply your embelishments first, before adding glitter, so that they'll adhere better.

After that, I was left with a cute finished product!  I hope you like it!  I loved it. :)

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