Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easy, Cheap, and Useful Teacher Gift?

Say no more...you've sold me.

Many people like to give gifts to their (children's) teachers at the end of the year.  Why not make one they can actually use in their classroom, that can still be personalized, and that won't make them fat? (Teachers get too much candy/sweets...trust me and my teacher friends.) ;)

I saw a similar idea for these lil' bad-boys on Pinterest and decided to make some to share with you.  They are very simple, and super cheap.  What you'll need for the basics:

*Acrylic/clear picture frame holder (dollar store, or 97cents at WalMart)
*PostIt Notes pack
*Hot glue gun
*Scrapbook paper and accessories (Cricut Cartridges for main embellishments)

First, just decide on a color scheme that works well with whatever color PostIt Notes you end up buying. Then, go to town cutting and trimming papers down to size.  Easy way to measure these is to use the fake picture insert that comes with the frame--you know it fits just right--so I overlap it onto my pieces of paper and make marks of where to cut.  Insert the paper into the frame, and hot glue (or use regular glue, for paper) on any ribbon embellishments, and your PostIt Notes.  The end.  You're done!

"Forget not" to make me for a friend. :)

If you don't like your hand-writing, try printing onto your paper first. 

Note:  I used the Cricut Cartridges Lyrical Letters to make the tag portion on the "Forget Me Not" one, and then Folk Art Festival (LOVE this cartridge; and we have it on sale for $5 off right now) to make the cuckoo clock on the second one.  I also remembered just how much I don't love my hand-writing after making the first, so used my printer to print out the definition of "remember" on my paper beforehand for the second one.  I like it a lot better. :)  Also, FYI: For Lyrical Letters, the dial size was set at 2&1/2, but the tag actually came out about 2" by 3&1/2", so play around with that one some.  The image on Folk Art Festival was measured vertically, thus the height of the full clock image.

Have fun!  Personalize with a teacher's name or monogram, use different colored PostIts, and make one for yourself to keep by the phone, on your desk, or in your office!  Cute way to dress up a common office item.

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