Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Be-YOU-tiful Wall Hanging

So I was surfing around in Pinterest the other day (*smile...okay, that's a fun past-time that does just that...passes time! WOW. You all know what I'm saying.), that's when I found a sign that just said "Be-YOU-tiful", linked to an old blogger's site. I loved the idea--that being YOU is beautiful. So I decided to combine that with another cute sign I'd also come across and make a bright and happy wall hanging. I apologize I'm not doing any type of Easter post--I feel like that should be obligatory, but I honestly haven't made anything Easter-y yet!  Shame on me, I know. ;)  What with all my cool crafting stuff.  Hopefully later this week.  Anyways, here's what I came up with.  It's really easy, and I honestly fell in love with the simple finished product.  I ended up auctioning it off with another project at church service or good's auction (raising money for a non-profit helping terminally ill children), but I want to make myself one now to hang in my bathroom.  I hope you like it too!  Here's how to make it.

First, you'll need the following:

8x10'' canvas
acrylic craft paint
wide tape
spray adhesive
one rhinestone
vinyl (for the lettering--we have a variety of colors for Cricut and Silhouette on our website)
transfer tape (for lettering)
chalk ink (for flowers)
and flower cut outs (from either the Silhouette, Cricut, or a punch. I used a punch for the daisy's, and the Silhouette for the deep purple "different" flower)

Supplies and "designing" process.
First, I mixed a bright orange and a lemon yellow color to get the color I had in mind, and that you see below.  Then I measured a border around my canvas and used some clear packing tape (I didn't have any blue electrical tape, and this worked fine) to cover the edge, about an inch border around the whole thing to create the white outside border.  Then, with the tape adhereed, I painted the center with my orange color and let it dry. (Obviously, remove the tape once the paint has dried...unless you like tape on your wall art. ;) )


Hint: Now one trick that I have picked up for sizing letters or shapes and things that I'll be using for my projects, especially if they are going to be on a flat surface, is to create almost a mock-up of my design in Silhouette Studio, filling it in with the colors I'll be using and measuring it out to as close to the correct size as I can get. Though I am obviously using different mediums (i.e., not just using paper or things from the Silhouette) this allows me to see how I'll really like different color combinations, to get the sizing of my lettering down without having to test it as much, and to just play around with my design until I get it to what I want, without having to waste any of my real materials.  Just a nice hint.

Once I got what I wanted, I cut my letters, used some transfer tape, my Silhouette scraper, and placed the letters where I wanted them.

Try using Silhouette Studio to play around with your entire design and color scheme, even if you are only using your Silhouette for a small part of it, such as the actual lettering.  An easy design tool, without wasting materials.

I used a flower punch I own, as well as a hole punch, to make the daisies   You could also pick a flower from one of your Cricut cartidges or from your Silhouette library or online store.  For my "different'/"you" deep purple flower (inspired by a sweater I was wearing that day--woo hoo for clothes inspiration) I found a 3D flower in my Silhouette library. I can't find it anymore in their online store for you, but they still have a wide variety that you can use. To make the petals of this darker flower stand out, I used some dark charcoal chalk ink around the edges.  Then I adhered a rhinestone to the center for some extra "pop."  Finally, I just used spray adhesive on the backs of all the flowers to adhere them to the canvas.  I don't think regular glue works very well, or lasts very long on canvas--at least with what I've tried.  I didn't want to use hot-glue, since these were just paper flowers.

And there you have it, your simple but Be-YOU-tiful new wall hanging.  I hope you remember how beautiful YOU are!

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