Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Simple Cards" and "Creative Cards", by Cricut

A few posts back I promised to show you a few more cards from the "Simple Cards" cartridge for Cricut. That, along with a few friends' birthdays and such, led me to this post.  (Plus, we just lowered our price for both this and our "Creative Cards" cartridge, so...take us up on it!)

This cartridge is just what it says: Simple. The hardest part it picking which color paper you want to use.  Truly, you generally just have to pick your base card color, and your "accent" color paper.  You glue one piece to another, and you have a cute card.  Watch and be amazed. ;0) Beyond that, they are also good to use as bases that you can easily spruce up with a few fun embellishments that you might have on hand.


Add a few embellishments if you want to add a bit more pizzaz to the base card, or leave it just as it is!  I received compliments on both embellished and un-embellished cards. For the "Happy Birthday To You" card, I used my Silhouette Rhinestone Setter with some of their heat adhesive rhinestones.  It's easy to use, and just needs a few batteries. The cartridge also has a feature to make appropriate envelopes for each card type.

You can see how easy these are to assemble, just by looking at them.  But that doesn't take away from how cute they are. Simplify. ;)

Note: For these cards, I found that the dial size corresponded with the size of the folded edge of the card.  So for my vertical cards, it was from the top to bottom.  For my horizontal cards, it was the measurement of the card from left to right.  This was true also for the Creative Cards cartridge.  Keep your dial size on the same setting for a full card and any of the embellishment pieces with it (such as for my Hello card, or my "Creative Card" below), with "real dial size" off to cut appropriately sized envelopes and card pieces.

The "Creative Cards" cartridge also makes easy to assemble cards, with just a few more steps. Because these cards often have a few more pieces, it's important to keep the dial size the same for one full card so that the pieces all fit.  I find the cards on this cartridge particularly adorable, and I don't have to think or design them myself. Below is an example of a "Creative Card" I made using this cartridge.

Cut out all the pieces using different papers
The cartridge insert comes with easy picture instructions for how to make each and every card offered, so that was easy enough.  You can look at their digital handbook online to see.

 I am really a fan of the window cards on this cartridge, such as this card.  Overall, I think these are useful cartridges to have on hand.  Especially when my creativity is hiding somewhere back there in my brain and I am in want of a cute card but unable to dream one up myself.  I still have to force my perfectionist self to chose which paper to use...but at that half the battle is a bit easier when the main design is already made for me. :)  So give yourself some more leisure time...try out Simple and Creative Cards, by Cricut. 

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  1. I can't get the horizontal cards to cut. The Display tells me that it won't fit even with the Size Dial set to 3 and my paper 6x12. Any help would be appreciated.