Friday, October 24, 2014

Pixy Stix Witch Halloween Card or Party Invitation

This card or invite combines the festiveness of Halloween with one of the other things so loved about this holiday: CANDY. :)  

Using Pixie Stix Candies from the dollar store, some obliging bark from a branch in my backyard, some cardstock, glue dots, and my Silhouette--I was able to make these tasty lil' cards in no time at all. 

Don't send out Halloween cards?  I think these are even better used as the front of an invitation to a Halloween Party.  

Just put your witch on front, and the invitation info on the back.  Siiimple.  (And cute.  And inviting.  I mean, hey--there's candy on the card.)  Yeah.  People like these.

How did I make them?  I found the "stringy" witch dress online by searching "Witch Dress Clip Art".  The arms were something similar (I actually used the broom-stick for the arm and merged it with a hand I copied from online as well. Resourceful.) I just made the patterned dress bottom by drawing it in Silhouette studio and giving it and old cut-or-oo. (??) The shoes and broom were both things I had in my Silhouette online library, thus items you can find online in the Silhouette online store.  But I'm sure you could find something similar online and just use your trace and detach function as well.  Isn't that just the loveliest tool?  I can't tell you how invaluable that tool is.  It's one of the things that makes my Silhouette machine so great.  Anyways.

I added a bit more dimension and texture to the first card by making the broom handle out of some bark I peeled off a branch.  (That also made it lay flat a little easier.)  I attached pretty much everything with glue-dots.  There are a lil' life-saver and a must for this project!  Okay, not a must, but really helpful.  The rest is sort of self-explanatory.  Hope you like them!  I think they're "Spooktacular."  ;)

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