Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easy DIY Laundry Room Decor

If you haven’t noticed I have gone on a vinyl kick in my house lately.  What I love about it is that it is so easy to use and can really transform a boring wall to something more.  I wanted to spice up my laundry room, so I searched all over Pinterest and found a quote that I liked.  The two fonts that I used were Century Schoolbook for “The laundry room” and Lucida Handwriting for “loads of fun”. I wanted this quote to be pretty big, since it was going on a big blank wall.  Here is the font size for each set of words: The- 217, Laundry room- 390, Loads of fun- 140.  Hopefully the font names and sizes will help you recreate this project easier. However, you could use whatever fonts you wanted and make it the however big or small you wanted.  After I cut the letters out of vinyl, I used transfer tape to help me put it up on the wall and get it positioned just right.  Transfer paper is a must for projects like these! You can find it on our website here: http://www.makeitscrappin.com/products/cricut/cricut-vinyl/cricut-vinyl-transfer-tape.php

 After I added this quote, I realized that I needed to finish decorating my laundry room.  So, I found some frames that I had laying around the house, spray painted them black and you guessed it- added some matching scrapbook paper in them.  Also, since they were small frames, I stapled some ribbon to the back of them to make it look like they were hanging from the ribbon.  I really just used the picture hook on the back since my ribbon wouldn’t hold that much weight.  Then, I added a button on top of the ribbon for a finishing touch.  Just like that, I turned my boring laundry room into a nicely decorated room and it only took a few hours  to do!

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