Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Candy Center Flowers

Saw this idea on Pinterest and had to make some of my own.

They take about...mmm...2 minutes to make, so they are a perfect last addition for your Easter decorations.  I love the idea of leaving these candy-filled Spring flowers trailing down the stairs on Easter Morning, or surrounding your child's Easter basket,  nestled in the grass outside amid your egg hunt,  or, I especially love the idea of creating a variety of flowers like these and scattering them down the table runner for your Easter meal.

These candy-filled flowers are simple and a nice touch to your Easter-fare.

Whatever the case, there are many possibilities for such a simple-to-make but fun "eye candy." It just helps breathe a little bit more of Spring into your home that morning.  Easter is about resurrection- rebirth from a time of death or hiding, and flowers help us remember such renewal of life. Candy...well...that's just a tradition that's been tacked on over the years, so do what you will with it.  I do love Cadbury mini eggs (they need to come out more than once year, right?  Right?!).  But that's another topic. This topic is how to make these simple candy-center flowers, in case you can't tell by just looking at them. ;)

First, just pick up some of that Easter candy from the store, a long with some colored mini-muffin or cupcake paper liners.  Also, it's nice if you have some glitter or chalk or ink to brush around the edges of your flowers.

Using your handy-dandy Silhouette or Cricut, cut out a flower image which has a decent sized center. I used a "3D flower" image that I had in my Silhouette library, which I found in their online store.  I'm sure you could find a flower image that would work from many a Cricut cartridge as well.  Flower Shoppe has many flowers perfect for this project, and many of them are meant to be 3D (also, if you like those kinds of flowers check out our Giant Flowers cartridge--it's fun).  But you can certainly find them on a variety of cartridges; for instance,  I see some that would work on from such varied cartridges as the Best Images of 2006 cartridge, some on Elegant Edges,  and even some you could adapt and use from the Christmas cartridge, Merry and Bright!  So look at what you have, or have fun and try out getting a new cartridge (we have a ton of great ones, some on sale on our site www.makeitscrappin.com). 

Point is--pick your flower and cut it out. (Thinking, now, of Uncle Joey from Full House.)  :) Again, just be sure to size it so that the center is large enough for you to glue your mini-cupcake liner to.  I made sure my center was about an inch wide and tall. 

Try doing a double layer, with one layer sized slightly larger than the other, so as to create more of a 3D effect. I then edged the flowers with some yellow colored chalk in order to help them stand out.   You could also try edging the tips with glitter, etc.  I bent the petals upwards a little to also help with the 3D feel.

Glue your pieces together, and the glue your muffin/cupcake liner into the center using just a regular ol' everyday glue stick.

Fill the center with candy such as jelly beans, Reeses Pieces, Cadbury mini-eggs, or whatever suits your taste buds, and you now have yourself a lovely candy-filled flower!

Fun.  Happy Easter!  I hope it's a day of happy reminders for you all.

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