Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Personalized Tumblers and Mod Podge Coasters

Well hello!  So I am posting a day late, I realize.  The Memorial Day weekend booked up all my time with various activities and kept me from crafting.  However, I came back ready to finally make a simple project I've been meaning to get to the past few weeks.  While out on one of my shopping expeditions a few weeks ago I came across some cheap little wooden coasters at JoAnne's, $1 for a pack of six.  I decided to make some personalized coasters and cups for a friend as part of their bridal shower gift.  These paper coasters are also great for wedding favors, inexpensive teacher gifts, etc.  As you'll see, they are easy to personalize and easier to make!  Also, if you have the glue and waterproofing material already, you can make a set for less than $1. Bonus.  Love that.

Here's what you'll need:
*Set of coasters to refinish, or small square tiles (can get them at Home Depot for as cheap as .16cents a piece.  If you do this option, also buy some felt to glue onto the bottom to keep them from scratching wooden surfaces.)
* Paper of your choice.  You can also use printed napkins (try making holiday coasters this way!), pictures, or maps of places you've been.  Whatever you want to do to personalize them.
* Mod Podge (or similar sealer)
* Waterproofing/finishing agent such as a Polyeurethane Spray, found at your local hardware, paint, or craft store.  This is an important step, so don't skip this piece.

So, here's how we do it.  :)

First, select and measure your paper, then cut.  You can use all the same, or vary it with a matching color scheme, etc.  The friend I made these for is a fan of butterflies, so I picked a few papers I had that had butterflies on them and the went from there.  I'm actually really excited to make myself a set of coasters using some old maps I have from places I traveled to in England and Europe.  (Picked up some more coasters to refinish at the thrift store yesterday for a total of 15cents. :)  Making these tomorrow.)

Next, put on a base coat of mod podge and then immediately place down your paper on top of it, starting from one edge and then smoothing it out and pressing as you go, being careful to press out any air bubbles.  Remember how as a kid you liked to chase bubbles?  Well, give-in to your inner child and chase those bubbles right on out of there by pressing them out until the surface is completely smooth.  If your paper is thick/textured paper like mine, you can maybe lightly use your Silhouette Scraper to help press them out.  

After about 10 minutes, apply a coat of Mod-Podge to the top your paper.  Repeat 1-2 more times after each coat dries.  This seals in your paper.  I did each coat in alternating brush stroaks (right to left, one coat, up and down, next coat) to create a nice texture.  

In the meantime, while waiting for my first coat to dry, I created a monogram using Silhouette Studio with the letter of my friend's soon-to-be new last name.  I had it cut, measuring it so it would fit perfectly on one of the coasters.

Create a personalize Monogram  for your coasters, or for your cups!
Hint: After using my hook to pull out all the extra pieces, I actually kept the monogram on my mat so that I could easily move it and place it over each coaster to see which one I liked it on best.

Keep your design on the mat so you can move it around easily to decide which coaster you want to adhere it to.

After you decide where you want it, put your monogram or personalized design on top of your first coat of Mod Podge right after you apply the Mod-Podge, on top of the paper. After that first coat dries, apply your second Mod Podge coat over the design as you do all the rest.

While waiting for my second coat to dry, I resized my monogram and cut it using vinyl to use as a stencil so that I could have it etched into the glass using Armor Etch.  Personalize monogram tumblers?  Voila!  :)  For a description of how to use Armor Etch/ glass etching cream, click here or here to read previous posts on it.

Use your personalized monogram to personalize some glass tumblers as well!  Matching coasters and tumblers--a perfect set.

Then, all I had to do was package up the coasters with a cute little paper ribbon I made using my printer and my Silhouette and get them off to my friend!

Oh, and of course, then we had to pour a lovely, refreshing, tall glass of water to ward off the coming summer heat. :)  Here's to you, Brandi-loo!

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