Saturday, January 3, 2015

Simple Silhouette Card

Quick inspiration day:

In a hurry but need to make a card for some occasion?  I found that using my Silhouette machine (or Cricut) to make a...well Silhouette card (aka...card with a Silhouette of something on it), works great, cuts back on decisions, and is simple, yet classy.

Just use some scraps of plain black cardstock, pick your image, and cut.
Put it on a solid colored background piece, laid over a print paper, and---'ve got a card.  If you want a message like "Thank you" or "Happy Birthday", as I did, try using a Silhouette or Cricut Sketch Pen.

Easy peasy lemon squeezey.

You can use the grid on Silhouette Studio and match it with your placement of scraps on your mat to cut your pieces right where you want, even from very small scraps!  (As you can see from my small circle cut out of that thin red paper scrap above.)

Just be sure you have your blade set to the correct thickness, as always, or your may get a "flakier" cut.  (Mine was set one notch too low when I cut out my reindeer silhouette for a Christmas tag...whoops!)

Pick someone's favorite animal, etc., find a silhouette or shape of them online to trace, or use an image from a Cricut cartridge, and you're set.  

I call that a doggone easy card. 

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