Wednesday, June 18, 2014

You + Me

How are these for a few simple lil' "love decor" ideas?  

You + me = aWEsome.  :)  ('Aint it true.)

Or, you can try "You [I love using a heart as the 'o'] + me = us," and then adding the wedding date at the bottom.

You + me = us, and wedding date.  Perfect to make and give as a shower or wedding gift.

Easy as can be!  The first is just made using Silhouette Studio (or Microsoft Word, etc.) and sent to the printer, and is then stuck in a frame of your choice.  This particular one was actually made for a cousin's wedding and set next to the sign-in scrapbook along with a few other framed photos.

[IdeaInstead of a sign-in wedding book, try making a few mostly empty scrapbook pages of engagement photos, etc, and using those pages as the sign-in sheets.  Much more interesting and memorable than just signatures, and it's a great way to add meaning TO your engagement scrapbook photos.  See examples below.]

The second was just a simple block, painted black, with the words cut out using white Silhouette vinyl.  (You could also easily use clear stencil vinyl to paint the letters on; or, in the reverse, paint the block white, put the letters of the stencil vinyl on once it dries, paint over it black, and then pull off the letters.  So, ya' know, a lot of possibilities.)

Simple as can be, and perfect for decor, to put on gift tables at a wedding reception or on your own mantlepiece at home.  Here's to you (+ me) (to we) (to being awesome).

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