Monday, March 31, 2014

"Egg"cellent Easter Card

Remember how I told you not to throw away your scraps from your Easter banner?  (See this post: Fabric Easter Banner.) Well here's why.

Did you know that your Silhouette interfacing can be used to adhere fabric to cardstock? Yep.  Not just to adhere fabric to fabric.  Seems like it would make sense, since this was primarily a scrapbooking or paper crafting die-cutting machine.  But yet, this stuff is great! So, with all those extra little scraps and edges you had left over from your banner making....

Put these scraps to good use! can make a simple and delightful Easter holiday card.

Make this "egg"cellent card with fabric or paper scraps.
Supposing you didn't make a cute Easter banner like in our last post, or supposing you (gasp!) accidentally threw away all your little scraps, you can easily replace the fabric with paper scraps, and just use glue to adhere it instead.  But I think it's easier with the fabric because you can adhere it all in one fell swoop of the iron.  Yep.  Fell swoop.  Irons do that?  Yes.  They do.

Here's your step-by-step instructions.

First, decide on the size of your card.  I just used the curved-edge rectangle shape-maker in the tool bar of Silhouette studio.  Next, create the egg shape in the right half of the rectangle (so it will be cut out).  

Because I wanted to add a saying, and was too lazy to glue on individual letters (I was in a time crunch!)  I used my Silhouette Sketch Pens to draw out my "Egg"cellent tagline.  To do this, create your text.  Then go to the "Cut Style" window (by clicking on the pair of scissors in the toolbar).  Each of your shapes (rectangle card, egg, and lettering) should be outlined in red.  To get the spacing right, you want to draw your letters first and then cut your shapes, but do so without unloading the mat inbetween.  De-select everything except your text, since that is all you want sketched.  

Put in the sketch pen color of your choice, in place of your Silhouette's blade, click on "Send to Silhouette" and then select "sketch pen."  Send your image through.  When it is finished, DO NOT UNLOAD THE MAT.  Leave it there.  This will ensure correct spacing.  You should now have your text drawn on.  

Next, go back to your cut window, de-select your text, and re-select your egg and card shape so that they are each outlined in red again (letters, not).  This ensures it will cut out the shapes you want cut, and not your letters that you just so easily had sketched.  

Once your image is cut, cut another piece of paper to be the backing of the inside of the front of the card.

Place that second sheet of paper inside the card, but do not glue in yet.  Using a pencil, trace the egg shape onto this second sheet.


This gives you the parameter that you want to use to be sure you fill with fabric scraps.

Next, cut the scraps into lines, triangles, or whatever you can get out of them, and then layer them across the sheet, being sure that the entirety of the traced egg is filled.  You can use lines, make it more of a patch-work look, etc.  Whatever you want and can get out of your scraps.

Once you've got it covered (and you always're so dependable), carefully press down on the fabric with your iron, set at the appropriate setting for the fabric type.  

That should adhere the scraps (which had the interfacing on them from your previous project) to the cardstock and to each other.  Now just put some glue around the edges and glue it to the inside of the front of your card, fabric side facing out.  

Egggggcellent.  Happy Easter!

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