Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grandpa's Lil' Artist Wall Hanging

So, if you have kids, are ever around kids, have ever seen kids, know what kids are...you know that kids often like to produce tons of artwork.  Artwork on paper, in coloring books, on the wall, with their food, you name it.  Kids are naturally creative!  And I love it.  I feel like a big kid sometimes with how excited I get over something I've painted, or even colored in a coloring book with my niece.  There. That's my weekly confession. :)  And what do kids do once they've made something?  (At least, the things they know they won't get in trouble for?)  They like to give it to you!  Or to someone else that they love.  You know exactly what I'm talking about, I'm sure.  I recently went home for Christmas break and was the loved recipient of no less than 20 pieces of art and pictures drawn and colored by my two young nieces (one of my nieces particularly loves to color). See Exhibit A for a sampling:

Exhibit A

I love it.  It makes me feel loved by those cute kids that I only get to see 2-3 times a year.  But anyways. What do you do once you get all these papers and lovely early masterpieces by future Van Goghs? Where do you put them all?  I've taken to keeping the ones mailed or given to me (at least, some of them--I can't have a room dedicated to just storing amassed, ripped-out coloring book pages!) in what I call my "You Make Me Happy" binder.  More on that some other time.  Another idea is to make something like the following for yourself, or to give it as a gift (as was the case with this particular one):

My Mom had the board lying around (she's so great for stuff like that) and then all we used was a little black vinyl with her Cricut cartridge, Lyrical Letters, hot-glued on a few of those clamps, and voila--a super cute way to display the artworks of your little ones.  Now you can save the front of the fridge for wedding announcements and A+ report cards. ;)

(Note:  I chose the "Jack Sprat" font from Lyrical Letters, in case you were wondering.  But there are all sorts of other fun cartridges with great "kid-like" fonts, such as Alphalicious, Ashlyn's Alphabet,  Learning Curve, and ZooBalloo just to name a few. All depends on the look you think you're going for.)

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