Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bridal Shower Invites

Ever see those absolutely adorable cards in the stores, the ones with all the cute little glued-on details and that cost like...$4.50 a piece?  ;)  Well, I wanted some for my friend Brit's bridal shower, but didn't have the funds for the pre-purchased things at that cost.  Good thing, the total set of 25 invites that I made today cost a total of about $6.50--yes, total.  And they were hand-made with love. :) They take just a little bit more time, but are super adorable.  Just throw on your favorite TV show on Hulu as you adhere the ribbon and rhinestones, and you'll have super cute cards ready for mailing before the show is over! 

This was the stuff I needed: textured or pearl finished white designed paper, cream colored paper for the printed inserts, 1/8"ribbon, small adhesive  "bling", and 1/8" glue dots.
I found the "wedding dress card" image in my Silhouette library.  (It is still offered in the online Silhouette store.) I decided on a textured and slight print design on the white paper to give it a bit more "umph"/adorableness.  (That's a real word--you should use it.) Luckily, Hobby Lobby had a pack of just what I had in mind on sale for 1/2 off today.  Half the store is half-off all of the time, and it's always switching.  You should have no problem getting what you want on sale if you just watch the sales.  And can I just confess something that I am sure we all have a problem with?  I just need to say...that place is my downfall.  It has so many great things, I instantaneously want to take up crocheting, painting, welding, jewelry making and paper mache artistry, all while redecorating my entire apartment in new DIY projects and decor.  Yeah.  Must. Get. Out. ...Truly.  The "bling" rhinestones were only $2 at WalMart. The ribbon was in one of Brit's colors. (I figured it'd match her other things if she wanted to scrapbook a card later.)

Cutting pearl-finished cardstock can be done easily with your Silhouette, though there isn't a setting specifically for it.  I set it as "glittered/flocked cardstock", but then lowered the thickness to 30.  That may have still been a bit too thick, but it cut beautifully. Just be sure to check "double-cut" if it isn't cutting through all the way, and play around with your setting some.  A slow speed is good for thicker paper so it doesn't snag or bunch up.  

Applying that many small rhinestones can be a bit tedious getting them to set in the correct place.  I used my Silhouette "pick-me-up" tool with the first few to place them right where I wanted.  This tool is pretty handy for working with small embellishments and die-cuts letterings, etc.  Click on this link to see a tutorial about the tool and how to use it/how it works.

After that, I just had to use a little stick glue to adhere the inserts to the inside of the card with the information about the shower.  (For the inserts, I sized down one of the cards images until the skirt was just a bit smaller than the original, erased the top of the dress, and used that for the printed information portion.)

Guess I can check that item off my To-Do list! 
Oh, and did I mention that they stand up?  So adorable. :)

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