Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Whooo made that pumpkin with the Vinyl Owl?

Don't get me wrong, I love carving pumpkins as much as the next 5 year old ;) , but sometimes when you have a bit of warm weather, the carved ones seem to "go" (aka, rot) much quicker than I'd like. This year, I decided to try making a few cute pumpkins with vinyl designs to decorate my house or porch.

I knew my Cricut would do the job just great, and that I had some cartridges that would give me just what I wanted.  Wall Decor and More had this delightful owl, and Plaintin SchoolBook's Tall Ball font gave me just the look I wanted for my owl's hooting "whoooo"'s. :)

First, I tested out the sizing of the owl on a piece of computer paper to be sure that I got it to a size that fit my pumpkin just perfectly.

Use a piece of computer paper to test the size and be sure it fits your space.  It's a much cheaper than using your vinyl to test this out.

Next, I used black vinyl to cut out my lettering and shapes.  Then I used transfer tape to apply my letters and the owl to the different squash.  (Did I mention that the smaller of the two is actually an acorn squash?  It was the only pumpkin-esque squash I could find that was smaller than my pie pumpkin. I plan to make double use out of these guys...)


Simple as that, I made myself some cute Halloween pumpkins (squash)!  These guys will stay up until I get an itching to make pumpkin pie, or to try out this tasty looking acorn squash recipe!  (So...maybe they'll only stay up a few days. Or maybe I'll just have to go buy another squash. :) It just sounds so good! )


Helful Hint:  Attaching vinyl images to a curved surface can prove tricky.  I learned that with this project, after the fact.  Maybe cutting a few little "give" slits, like in sewing, might prove helpful in getting the image to curve better with your curvy surface.  Just a thought.

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