Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Relax, Dads...It's Your Day!

Both my biological dad and my stepdad are very hard-working men.  They work hard with their hands
and their brains, and do all that they can to be a support and an example to our family.  I am so blessed by their examples of daily hard work, service, and especially, love of our family.  There are many things I claim to know, but the one thing that I do know without a doubt is that I am loved by these great men.  No question.  I love them both, so much!

Both my dads help me to do seemingly impossible things. :) I am so grateful for them!
I guess I wasn't expecting to write any sort of tribute to them, but as I got on to do a quick post on this simple Father's Day card idea, those thoughts just seemed appropriate to share.  So, for those of you who also have hard working dads, here is a cute and simple Father's Day card that I made, primarily using the following silhouette hammock image.  Knowing how hard my dad works, I thought I'd play to one of his favorite pass times while we are camping--taking a nap in the hammock. :)  The rest was easy.   For the font, I used one called "LD Charming Bold."  As for the grass, I found an image that I had and cut out the unwanted portions of it using the "knife" tool in Silhouette studio. Then glued where I desired the little "tufts." 

Note: The knife tool allows you to draw cut lines through an image, and then it will automatically connect and close off the shape where you cut it.  Thus, if you draw a cut line all the way through an image you end up with, in essence, two images.  This is what I did, and then just deleted the unwanted portions.  No need to waste paper!  

I also added a little jute that I had for a bit of 3D effect (I tend to favor that), a cute little bird resting on the word, and voila--super cute and easy card for poppa. :)  Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your time with that great man in your life! 

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